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Relational aims at the heart of who we are as humans. All of us are created for an inner need to be in connection with others and our Creator. The correlations between how we view God and how we interact with others are not only very real, but life impacting. When we truly discover God through his Son Jesus, faith becomes much more than a set of values on Sunday morning.

Back in 2018, Heart Touch Films started putting in motion this idea of promoting relationships with God and other people. We all come from different backgrounds and different cultural views. These effect how we not only see others, but God himself. We want Relational to be a vehicle to discover those different voices.

After a few years of planning and collaborating with professionals in the film industry, the project has evolved into a short documentary series where each episode highlights a different individual and their relationship with God. We started filming in 2021 and now have four episodes released as of summer 2022 with more films planned for the fall of 2023.


Our goal with this  project is to not just provide captivating films, but to create a resource for people to dig deeper into their relationship with God and others. We want our viewers to lean into the mystery of God's love for themselves. We hope it impacts their life all week long that goes beyond the church pews.

Project Snapshots

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