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Just say nothing

Communication is more than a sound. More than an action alone. More than the presence of mind. In a myriad of ways, do we express who we at that moment. How we express can be many words or a simple head nod. Good communication can be the knowledge of speaking nothing, yet saying so much.

A head nod, a smile, a glance, a fidget. Non-verbal communication is something we all do.

Since this is a post about saying nothing, I shall keep in step with the subject and keep this short.

The Bible says in James to be slow to speak and quick to listen. In a world of constant opportunity to voice your words, be different. Knowing when not to speak is just as important as what to say. And the wisdom to discern is a mature mindset.

Today, do not be pulled in to the norm of having to utter words. Let your smile communicate happiness. Laughter, showing your joy. Twiddling your thumbs, nervousness. Walking upright, displaying your confidence. Sinking in your chair, boredom. Hanging your head, disappointment. And sitting with no expression, feeling at rest.

While your words are silent, let your thoughts contemplate what is important to you. And may it give you a chance to just simply listen.

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